Looking Forward in 2016

Well hello there!

Admittedly, I haven’t kept up with this website as much as I should. Hopefully that’ll change in the near future. I had some technical problems which only let me post in a manner in which I wasn’t comfortable (VISUAL versus HTML version, for those of you who use WordPress) and now it’s all resolved.

Since I wrote my book, I’ve been astonished by the abundance of bad advice that licensed veterinarians are giving people about cat health. Considering that I’ve never taken a single veterinary class, much less been licensed as a veterinarian, that’s a rather cheeky thing for me to say. On what do I base such a brazen opinion?

I’ve had cats for years, and followed the same advice, and it never worked. If it did, I’d never have written my book, and there’d be no need for this site (and others like it). Veterinarians mindlessly parrot the same old “knowledge” about cat health, and even if I am the “odd one out” here, I also happen to be the one who is right.

Come back in 20 years and all of this will seem “obvious”, but for now it’s not, sadly enough.

Nonetheless, onwards and upwards!

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