7 Days on a Desert Island

Hey, let’s imagine something interesting, a gedanken experiment, if you will.

Let’s imagine there is a fat man and a fat cat on board a ship, and a terrible storm arises, and the ship sinks, and somehow the fat man and fat cat are the only survivors, and find themselves cast away on a desert island. On this island there are a few trees for shade, and a tiny spring of fresh water, but the rest is just rocks and sand, so not a scrap of food for man nor beast.

And let’s imagine that this fat man and fat cat have to survive for a week on this island. So a little bit of water, and some shade from the hot tropical sun, but no birds, no coconuts, no food of any kind for either man or cat. What will happen?

After a week, the rescue ship arrives. The man has lost a ton of weight, but otherwise he’s fine. His body converted the stored fat into energy, and kept him alive in conjunction with the water. Maybe his beard has grown out, and his hair is scraggly, and he’s super hungry, but biologically he’s fine.

But what about the cat? The cat would be dead. Even with a similar amount of stored fat in his body, cats aren’t designed to convert fat into energy in times of famine. Obligate carnivore predators, which include cats, simply starve to death when there is no food to eat.

All that extra fat in the cat’s body was there NOT as a biological defense against times of hunger, but as a way to trap a toxin and keep it from poisoning his body. Therefore, a fat cat isn’t responding to ancient biological imperatives to store energy against times of famine, but as a way to process MODERN toxins and wrap them up in a protective layer so as not to overwhelm his digestive system with the poisons of bread, corn, potatoes and other cereals.

There are plenty of fat people who are healthy. There isn’t a single fat cat who is healthy. Please give your cats the diet they deserve and don’t poison them with “foods” that sicken them!

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